Branding agency

We believe that every brand has a potential; all we need to do is highlight it. We identify and highlight features that make up the true beauty of a brand.

We show what others do not notice!

Tinssen is an agency that works.

By introducing small changes, we achieve great results; in glorifying quality, we influence the number of customers, and by implementing one project we accomplish several objectives. The size of a branding agency is measured in the success of its customers, so we have no complexes in creating brands that will outgrow us.

More than 10 years’ experience

In 2016, we formalized a successful relationship between the branding agency Brand Relations and the design and graphic studio Kurka Design. The merging of both companies resulted in the creation of Tinssen.

We protect your information

We know the value of information in the realities of today’s economy, we know how to safely handle and use it.

The brand is the star of the stage, we only provide the appropriate setting.

We are not focused on rewards, self-fulfilment or portfolio presentations. When we work for our customers, we act in compliance with the brand’s strategy and idea.

We are normal, or at least so it seems to us

The size of the company and budget is inconsequential to us, even more so the industry. We do not operate according to strictly defined rules, we adapt solutions to situations and possibilities. We like challenges and without exception always give our best.

At Tinssen, we believe that everything we give to the world will sooner or later return to us, and the passion and enthusiasm that accompanies the creation of projects will also translate into equally positive feelings to the recipients. Thanks to this, we are certain that the message will reach their consciousness in the shape chosen by us.

We belive that any company can become a strong brand

It only needs a little help.


Quite often the picture of the situation from the company’s perspective is incomplete. We conduct our own analysis and then conclusions gathered are confronted with the actual state of affairs.


We know that the key to success is mutual trust and understanding of the project. We meticulously study documentation, draw knowledge from experts, get to know the existing market rules of the industry and the specificity of the company and project.


Acting without a plan is ineffective. We define the brand identity, determine what it has to represent and to which segment of the market it should be addressed. The result is a plan for the transfer of identity to the image of the brand.


Good appearance is, however, not all. We combine the function of pure, transparent and easy to interpret message with creativity, aesthetics and a touch of art. We arrange in a logical and coherent whole the entire symbols, behaviours and messages.


This the stage where strategy meets design to materialize the brand. It becomes visible, tangible and interactive. We choose the tools and means of communication most appropriate for the specificity of the project.


The point at which the brand sees the light of day is not the culmination of the work, but only the incubation step. It is just the beginning – branding is a continuous process, subject to constant analysis and verification.