Promotional Materials

Cognitive psychology plays a very significant role in advertising, covering every element from choice of colours, amount of light, product exposition to emotional effect.

We know how to influence the recipient.

With the development of interactivity, the term art of advertising has acquired greater significance. Nowadays, when creating a message, it is necessary to define its nature and to take into account the types of media, rules and cultural competences, values and preferences of the contemporary audiences, principles of aesthetics, as well as marketing and image creation.

Advertising campaigns

We plan, implement and monitor marketing actions taking place in the mass media. We choose the most effective tools to achieve your goals and reach your target group.

Printed materials

We design all kinds of printed materials, ranging from leaflets and posters, through brochures, leaflets and catalogues, to large format prints.

Skład i przygotowanie do druku

Information architecture

We create information architecture for catalogues, folders, brochures, and even advertising leaflets and posters. We organize information by creating a clean and transparent marketing message.


We carry out categorization of content, offers and departments. We analyse features, create collections, carry out reductions and enrichment; we group and organize.


We draw from our skills and knowledge of marketing naming, so we can easily organize content by giving them a recognizable name.