Quelta visual identity

Scope of work: brand visual identity, products visual identity, brand guidelines, business stationery

Quelta visual identity

Sożal Window Factory in Solec is a company with 25 years history in the manufacture of window frames. The specialized factory, advanced technological park, tested materials and the highest quality components is the recipe for a premium class window. Although the products were technologically and qualitatively superior to competition, recipient did not identify them as such.

Sożal window factory entrusted us with the task of developing a new brand identity that will show the true qualities of the windows and make them be recognizable as a premium.

Visual identity

While designing the visual form of the name, we focused on highlighting the advantages of the product. We used shades of grey that allude to precious metal to emphasize quality, and with the help of window edges we highlighted the advantages – the interiors of the window.

Quelta visual identity

Identyfikacja wizualna produktów

Na podstawie opracowanej architektury nazewniczej zaprojektowaliśmy identyfikację wizualną dla produktów marki Quelta.

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