Name designing for premium class windows

Scope of work: name designing, brand slogan, advertising slogan, naming architecture, product names and slogans

Name designing for premium class windows

Sożal Window Factory in Solec is a company with 25 years history in the manufacture of window frames. The specialized factory, advanced technological park, tested materials and the highest quality components is the recipe for a premium class window. Although the products were technologically and qualitatively superior to competition, recipient did not identify them as such.

Sożal window factory entrusted us with the task of developing a new brand identity that will show the true qualities of the windows and make them be recognizable as a premium.

Naming project for a premium brand

While designing the new name, we focused on capturing the unique approach to window production – minuteness for detail, striving after perfection and reverence. By combining this approach with quality, we obtained the name Quelta.


from Eng. Quality – for some is the equivalent of beauty and delicacy, for others it is a certain degree of perfection, compliance with a model, pattern or requirements. Quality is also the customer’s satisfaction, satisfying customer specific needs.


from Eng. Cultivate – develop something with passion, hold something in reverence, show concern, nurture, support.


Designing a slogan

for Quelta

Our task was to develop a provocative corporate slogan that would encourage reflection and go beyond conventions. An additional difficulty was limiting the length to two, maximum of three words.

It’s time
for changesto choose qualityto make the right choiceto think of the familyto save on changing the windows to new ones

Naming architecture

We developed a key for creating product names, then prepared names and slogans for five products.


Wisdom of choice


Look is important


Queen of quality


Fulfilled dream


You can do more

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