Visual Identity

The first impression is an instinctive reflex, which creates an idea of the brand. It barely takes a few seconds and leaves a long-lasting mark in the consciousness of recipients.

We can make a good impression.

A Chinese saying goes – that one picture is worth more than a thousand words. Following this line of thought, we can say that the visual character of a brand has a lot to say.

Business stationery

We consequently design business stationery creating rules for their functioning and model so that all materials create a positive image and are easily identified with the company.


While creating packaging we express the identity of products, precisely finished details and create a message appropriate for the segment and target group.

Signage systems

We create a timeless spatial orientation system that expresses the unique features of the place, distinguishing it from the competition and allowing for the creation of a community with the target

2 + 2 = 5

Synergism is the goal that guides us in the design of visual identification systems. We use organizational order and repetitive characteristics of elements to create easily identifiable and timeless visual identification.

Visual Identity System

The visual identity system is a set of rules, guidelines and visual communication standards based on logo elements, colour, typography and graphic themes. It functions in the form of a brand book, which is the basis for creating visual messages.