Developing a name for an encyclopaedic website about cosmetics

Scope of work: Name design

Developing a name for an encyclopaedic website about cosmetics

The Polish Union of the Cosmetic Industry (PZPK) is an industry organisation encompassing more than 120 companies from the Polish cosmetics industry. The Union Members are producers and distributors of cosmetic products, research laboratories and providers of services and components.

In the course of work on the information architecture for the web encyclopedia dedicated to cosmetics, we coined a name for it.

Developing a name for an encyclopaedic website

The starting point was the analysis of Internet trends. One of them is the mass production of information related to the transformation of the media industry, for which the Internet increasingly plays a significant role – not only “official” web portals but also blogs, as well as comments under articles. The lack of scientific support and sources of questionable reliability has led to information chaos, which only a lucid name with the potential of a category name can break through. We wanted to design a name that will simply and directly communicate reliable sources of information about cosmetics.


A group of products for the care, cleansing, protection and beautification of the body. According to Euromonitor International, during the crisis in the years 2008-2012, the growth rate of the Polish cosmetic market was one of the highest in Europe, and regardless of the economic stagnation in those 4 years, it remained at around 5%.


The entire range of knowledge in the form of a collection of articles, composed of entries and explanatory texts. Entries are arranged in a certain logical order, usually alphabetically so one can quickly find the right information. The largest number of entries in the electronic encyclopaedia in Polish is the Polish language version of Wikipedia.