Projekt nazwy dla fabryki wyrobów stalowych

Scope of work: Name design

Projekt nazwy dla fabryki wyrobów stalowych

A customer in the automotive industry from the west acquired a steel factory, where it intends to design steel gas tanks, and ultimately would like to take advantage of its full potential to produce components for other companies.

The fresh start required creating both verbal and visual identification for the new activities of the factory.

Name project for a steel factory

The name should be simple, short and strong. It would be ideal, if it had a similar tone to the words Energy, Power, Steel. Such were the guidelines we received prior to commencing work on the verbal identification.


Rich history


We were interested in the perception of Stener as an existing brand with a consolidated position on the market, a company with experience and tradition in the manufacture of steel products. Many large factories bear the names of their founders, which adds tradition, prestige and a multi-generational character to the name. We followed the assumption that it would be better to emphasize the accomplishments of the brand by making reference to its name, and, the “st” typical of the German language pronounced “sh” will complement the picture by referring to its German roots and solid quality.