Developing an advertising slogan for TTM – Automotive Technology Fair.

Scope of work: Advertising slogan, key visual

Developing an advertising slogan for TTM – Automotive Technology Fair.

The Poznań International Fair (MTP) in existence since 1921, is the leader of the exhibition industry in Central and Eastern Europe. An organiser of fairs, conferences and events in Poland and abroad. It holds a market share of approx. 55% in the Polish fair market.

For the first time in history, the Automotive Technology Fair (TTM) and Motor Show were organised at the same time and venue. TTM is a fair addressed to professionals from the automotive industry that focuses mainly on workshop equipment, diagnostics, tools and spare parts. In turn, Motor Show is the largest automotive show in Poland.

Our task was to develop a slogan promoting the unique synergy effect of both events.

Developing an advertising slogan for TTM (Automotive Technology Fair)

We began work on the slogan by looking for a common denominator for both events. The obvious choice was the car. We reached deeper. Visitors to the TTM fairs are specialists who ensure that vehicles are in motion while enthusiasts of Motor Show admire and drive them. Consequently, in creating the slogan, we used the ambiguity of the word move.


To move – make a move, change your position in space, in other words, to go, but also to cause a device, mechanism or vehicle to operate.


Move – to arouse strong emotions in someone, in turn, moving is a state of excitement or agitation triggered by an event.

Technika, która porusza! (Technology that moves!)

Key Visual

During the design of the central graphic motif, we used the symbolism of the cardiovascular system, which is the driving force of living organisms. The heart is also a symbol alluding to the emotions that accompany beautiful cars.